Gibraltar’s Geography

Gibraltar is a peninsula of approximately 7 km2 and a width of just 1.2 km, situated at the southernmost tip of Spain. At the summit, the Rock sits 1,396 feet above sea-level overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, the strategic waterway linking the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Often visible from the Rock, lies the coastline of Morocco and the towering Atlas Mountains which are situated 16 km south across the Strait.

The South of Spain, including the popular Costa Del Sol, is only a short drive away with plenty of beautiful beaches, golf courses and restaurants to choose from. Sierra Nevada in Granada is very accessible if you ever wanted to swap the sand for snow. In just a 4-hour drive, by-passing the Spanish cities of Sevilla and Cadiz, you can also explore all that Portugal has to offer including the famous Algarve Coast and the Portuguese cities of Faro, Porto and Lisbon further to the North.

Gibraltar’s location makes flying to London and the rest of the UK easy with a short flight time of roughly two and a half hours. Gibraltar is within the Central European time zone which makes it the ideal jurisdiction to relocate your business and home.