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Relocation & Residency Services Gibraltar

R&R is an integral part of the various services that Form-A-Co (Gibraltar) Limited offers. Form-A-Co (Gibraltar) Limited was established in 1989 and is one of Gibraltar’s leading firms in the field of company formation and administration and ancillary services. R&R is looking to build on these solid foundations by also offering both a high quality and bespoke service at a competitive price. Employing an array of contacts and years of industry and local knowledge, R&R will provide tailored support every step of the way to ensure our clients receive the service they deserve.

Due to recent political and regulatory developments, Gibraltar has become even more appealing as a jurisdiction both to live and work. This is because the in-principal Schengen agreement reached between the UK and Spain (EU) will enable the free movement of people across the Gibraltar boarder with Spain and the rest of the EU, whilst retaining its direct market access to the UK. Gibraltar has also secured unique access to the UK Financial Services Market which will aid the continued growth of Gibraltar’s economy as 92% of business generated within Gibraltar’s financial services sector is passported from the UK.

Gibraltar is fortunate to boast a favourable climate for the majority of the year. Its geographical location makes excursions to neighbouring countries such as Spain and Morocco easily accessible via land, air or sea. There is an abundance of sports facilities, retail outlets and restaurants to choose from with plenty of other tourist attractions to explore.

Moving to Gibraltar

Established in 1989 Form-A-Co (Gibraltar) Limited is one of Gibraltar’s leading firms in the field of company formation and administration and ancillary services. Our aim is to advise and assist clients while providing a full range of corporate and trust structures.

The experience gleaned after over thirty years at the top of our profession, has allowed us to slowly and carefully expand our product range in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive company formation and management service. With client confidentiality constituting an integral part of our business, we boast corporate packages for a large variety of offshore needs, with Trust structures being administered through our subsidiary business Form-A-Trust (Gibraltar) Limited.

Form-A-Co’s principle source of business is the supply of corporate offshore vehicles to fellow professional organisations such as company formation agents, accountants and lawyers. We also have access to a wide range of offshore products from a variety of alternative jurisdictions through our associate offices in London and Hong Kong.

A competitive price structure and a flexible, personal approach, combined with a willingness to adapt and develop its product line to meet the needs of its varied clientele is the secret of Form-A-Co’s continued success.

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